Babikian Healthcare Products

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Company Detail

Babikian Healthcare Products specializes in high-quality sanitizing and disinfecting products for healthcare facilities and community establishments. We prioritize safety, quality, and effectiveness by sourcing certified raw materials. Our goal is to provide reliable hand hygiene solutions that meet the highest standards and promote proper cleanliness. Babikian Healthcare Products aligns with reputable organizations like the World Healthcare Organization (WHO), the Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC), and the Ministry of Health of The Republic of Armenia, ensuring their sanitizers meet stringent requirements. Customers can trust us to deliver certified, high-quality products for their hygiene needs, making us a standout choice in the market.



Babikian Healthcare Products (BHP) was founded by Dikran Babikian, a US citizen, to address hygiene concerns in Armenia. After experiencing a personal incident during a visit to his homeland in 2017, Dikran partnered with a renowned hand sanitizer dispenser manufacturer to establish high-quality production in Armenia.

After a few years of hard work, BHP has successfully established itself in the Armenian hygiene market, offering top-notch products. The company not only emphasizes hygiene awareness and international standards but also prioritizes economic growth and business expansion in Armenia.

One of BHP’s main goals is to create job opportunities and provide a safe work environment for employees. The company is committed to the professional and personal development of each employee and places a high emphasis on employee well-being. The newly built facility is equipped with modern equipment, a laboratory, and a production line to ensure maximum safety precautions.

Babikian Healthcare Products aims to introduce and promote production and hygiene practices while fostering a balanced and healthy work environment. By prioritizing the well-being and growth of its employees, the company seeks to make a positive impact within the organization and the wider community.